In our personal and professional lives, we often interact with failures in quality of products and services we need and pay for. Do you remember the latest time you were disappointed by the quality of a product or service you have received? Do you remember the latest time you have experienced professional stress, caused by the apparent malpractices by colleagues, associates or counterparties? It is annoying, isn’t it? And we all know failures and we all know the risk, that sometimes things just get out of control.

We, the LEANTICK Ltd. team, are committed to assist your organization to reach the desirable quality of your ultimate output!

We, the LEANTICK Ltd. team, are committed to navigate your company or organization to build the equipment of the relevant and customized, specifically for you, quality management tools!

Our consulting specialties are:

Innovation & Technology Transfer

You want to make sure your product or services are up-to-date, and you have a competitive edge:

problem known – solutions unlimited.

Innovative Upgrade:

  • we make assessment of your existing or planned production,
  • we compare your capacity with the best existing global practices or innovations in your field,
  • we bridge you with access to the cutting-edge technologies and know-how in your field, so that you can always outpace your competitors.

Quality Management

You want to secure control over the quality of your output or simply that your products will always meet highest standards:

problem unknown – multiple solutions

Quality Management:

  • we analyze your existing or future business operations and procedures,
  • we build a plan for you and advise you with a roadmap to improvement,
  • we lead you and work with you to implement all necessary modifications to reach the point of higher operational control and risk management

Transformation Management

You want to make sure you upgrade your working process but your production efficiency and control stay intact or improve:

problem known – solutions unlimited.

Smooth Integration:

  • we make assessment of your targets and key working process links,
  • we design your updated workflow algorithm with lean practices and high yield,
  • we walk along with you on the integration of the new workflow and make sure of the timely and successful alignment of your team under the innovation applied.


You want to optimize the vendors you use and optimize the supply chain you depend on:

problem limited – limited solutions


  • we analyze your goals and your capabilities,
  • we evaluate your current suppliers and vendors;
  • we advise you of the alternatives for your supplies and we introduce you to the options,
  • we structure tender procedures or bid for you to secure competitive entrance of your supplies to your organization,
  • we work with you to build your reliable network of controllable and cost-efficient suppliers of resources, products and/or services;

Operations & Workflow Efficiency

You want to optimize the utilization of resources into the process of achieving quality products:                                                                        problem limited – multiple solutions

Workflow Efficiency:

  • we measure the internal operational efficiency of your organization,
  • we list your weak and risk links, we outline the waste operations,
  • we lead you in the implementation of all necessary changes to quit waste and upgrade your organization’s work process as a whole.

Digitization & Automation

You want to decrease the subjective risk factor in your production line and increase productivity and monitoring control:

problem known – limited solutions

Digitization and/or Automation:

  • we analyze your work procedures and register sensitive links,
  • we design your algorithm chart with all possible scenarios;
  • we analyze potential risk links and build security ans verification protocols to handle them;
  • we structure an optimized business logic architecture of an automated process chart;
  • we work with our development teams to deliver you the functional and customized tool for your needs.

Strategy & Business Development

You want to make sure your have a beacon on your business development mar and focus your product or services and utilize your assets best:

problem unknown – solutions unlimited.

Strategic Planning:

  • we research your capacity, your markets, competitors and potential;
  • we align your vision to the opportunities and build the road map;
  • we plan your tools and steps on the road to your goal, with protection for the risks;
  • we navigate you to the “DOs” on you plan to success.


You want to make sure your qualifications and your team’s expertise is up-to-date and compliant with your needs:

problem known – solutions unlimited.

Expertise upgrade:

  • we analyze your needs and compliance to the licensing and qualification requirements and recommendations,
  • we research and select the best practices and know-how in your field;
  • we make sure the presented courses, classes and training services are delivered to you in an adequate and timely basis.

Food Safety Compliance

You want to secure safety and regulation compliance of your food products or services to the relevant standards of your target market:

problem known – limited solutions

Hazard Analyses and Food Safety Compliance:

  • we inspect and review your products, services and production premises;
  • we create your Hazard Analyses;
  • we select the most relevant experts specialized in your product category, to comply each detail;
  • we conduct the compliance process to copmletion;
  • we resolve conflicts of compliance and/or do the Import of Record if products enter the USA.

LEANTICK Affiliations and Partners

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We want to go far, and thus we are proud of all the partnerships we build!