Welcome to our virtual LEANTICK space!

We hope you find it useful, because we strive hard to contribute in the cause of making our world a better place and we endeavor to improving every day! We know it’s a long way, but we believe we can make it happen together!

Our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities are our beacon. We focus our management services on: Innovation & Technology Transfer, Transformation Management, Strategy & Business Development, Digitization & Automation, Education, Quality Management, Operations & Workflow Efficiency, Food Safety, Procurement, across industries, countries and continents.

What we do

We assist you focus doing what you can do best, and we take care of the details around you. We make it “lean” for you – shortcuts only – strategy, quality and efficiency are our favorite terms! We let you spend 100% on your proprietary expertise, and we navigate you through any changes that occur on the route to your success!

We do not stop, until we mark a “tick”  for it on the checklist – until we make it done and make sure you’re back in full control of what you deliver best!

What we believe

We believe in Teamwork!
We believe in Smart and Strategic management!
We believe that Changes are inevitable in what we do!
We believe that new Technologies and Innovations are the engine of progress!
We believe that bringing the Best Achievements across the globe is the platform to upgrade locally!
We believe that Quality requires daily and hourly care!
We believe in Sustainability and constant positive transformation!


Business is always personal!

It’s all about trust, respect and responsibility!

Our Professional Team

Each business niche may require a unique functionality of its own… With that notion in mind, the team of Leantick Ltd. has extensive experience in organizational management and optimization, as well as restructuring for efficiency improvement. The scope of experience of the team does include the execution of many projects, seminars, workshops, meetings, research work, etc.

The organization has a rich experience in working with youths and adults, as well as with public bodies and private organizations.


Simeon S. Stoilov

Simeon S. Stoilov is a Consultant in Strategic and Sustainable Development with broad experience in international economic relations. Simeon is proud of more than 25 years in International Business Development and 5 years of a Diplomatic experience as a Senior Foreign Official in the USA, when he broadened his horizons and experience in social initiatives project developments and multilateral relations with successful international collaborations in various fields.

In his most recent business career Simeon is primarily targeting projects for implementation of innovative and strategic transition to environmentally friendly practices. Sustainability, digitization, food security and safety, decarbonization, prevention of plastic pollution are among his top priorities of interest and experience.

With additional qualifications in Food Safety and Quality Management, Simeon is currently a PhD student at the Economic Research Institute to the Bulgarian Academy of Science with focus on International Innovation and Technology Transfer.

Project Leader Education & Professional Qualifications

Prof. Marusya Lyubcheva, Ph.D.

Marusya Lyubcheva is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Chemical Technology, Bulgaria and a Dr. of Technical SciencesIn her professional development she specialized as lecturer career in the field of technology of polymers and composite materials. She is a member of the Institute Leadership /responsible for international relations/ Dean of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, Dean of the Faculty of Organic chemistry, Head of Department “Materials.”

The areas of her scientific interest are diverse and wide – organic chemistry, polymers, inorganic fiber, carbon fiber, composite materials. With numerous scientific publications and inventors’ certificates.

Chairwoman of the Club for technical  and scientific creativity of youth.

Participant in many scientific research projects, projects on European and other international programs, founder and  first Chairwoman of the Club “Women in Science”.

Prof Luybcheva is also publicly active as a member of the Municipal Council of Burgas and Chairwoman of the Educational  and Science Committee, with a  a decade of experience in the duties of the Deputy mayor of Burgas on education, culture, religion and youth activities. She has been a member of the Bulgarian National Assembly and a Member of the European Parliament.

Prof. Luybcheva is the Founder of the Black Sea Institute Association.

She has multiple academic publications and has number of awards for her public, professional and academic achievements.

Labor Safety Compliance Expert

enj. Binka A. Stoilova

Binka A. Stoilova is a qualified engineer in machine development and production line upgrades. She is an expert in industrial technical audit and compliance control.

With long years of expertise in Health and Safety Labor Conditions, Mrs. Stoilova possess an extensive experience in Risk Manufacturing Preventive Control and Technical Supervision. With detailed knowledge of the European regulations and framework of Health and Safety Labor Conditions and Technical Supervision her expertise is highly necessary for the adequate industrial organizational and corporate workflow processes and procedures set up.

Manager European Operations

Latchezar I. Buyukliyski

Latchezar I. Buyukliyski is a graduate of the Naval Academy of Bulgaria as naval engineer. In his professional carrier further on he has developed extensive knowledge of the transportation and logistics organization of the international trade. His professional carrier has always been related to international commerce in the various managerial positions he has taken.

Mr. Buyukliyski has a good record as Managing Director of production for export, with sourcing from import, as in this position he build a solid knowledge and skills in both directions of foreign trade. For almost 20 years, he was the brand and country manager of prominent automotive brands, when his profile was enriched with a thorough knowledge and experience not only about the commercial practices, marketing and sales, but all the key elements of the international supply chain management.

Mr. Buyukliyski has an additional qualification and a Masted degree in Marketing and Management by the The University of National and World Economy at Sofia, Bulgaria. He has specialized in the field and has skills in defining consumer demand, product development and market positioning. With his broad expertise in commercial activities and production experience, Latchezar brings to the team a deep knowledge about the commercial set up and operations.

Foreign Investment & Trade Policy Expert

Galateya Kolikova

Galateya Kolikova is а macroeconomist, economic diplomat and founding member of Bulgaria-Nordics Business Council. Her international experience includes high level positions at the Council of the European Union, Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Bulgarian Diplomatic Missions in the Nordics.

Currently, she does economic research at the Bulgarian Academy of Science and writes for various economic periodicals and digital media.

Project Manager

Milen G. Dimitrov

Milen G. Dimitrov is an experienced legal professional with many qualification. He has MBA in Finance being involved in many project related to youth and social inclusion in both private and public sector. His areas of expertise include human resources management, staff training, communications, and operational management.

Milen Dimitrov was a national officer of the European territorial cooperation programms 2007-2013 during his tenure at Ministry of regional development and public works (particularly in the period of 2010-2013).

A graduate of Burgas Free University and Veliko Tarnovo University he’s been involved in a number of social activities and projects focusing on sustainable development, such as: ecology campaigns, community events activities, multinational events and other.

Milen Dimitrov is a member of scientific board of Journal of Marine Technology and environment of the Constanta Maritime University.

Manager Automation & Digital Technologies

Pressian Z. Dotchev

Pressian Z. Dotchev is an expert in Corporate & Internal affairs, IT Protocols & Security, Pressian has extensive carrier in digitization, automation and corporate security through new technologies.

Pressian has build professional qualification starting from school. He is a graduate of the Technical College and the Technical University in Ruse, Bulgaria with consistent focus to digital technology.

His professional carrier does include gradual skill development and profound understanding of the technology from hardware, networks (intra and inter) development and maintenance, applications development and as a final qualification digital security and data protection.

Pressian has build extensive experience in building financial and users platforms, marketing and promotional digital tools, as well as educational platforms in the virtual environment. In all these field, Mr. Dotchev has a proven record as a successful team leader and manager of various IT professionals.

Visuals & Design Expert

Irina P. Stoilova

Irina P. Stoilova has a qualification in the legal field with specialty in the Public Safety and Security. She has extensive knowledge in the administrative service in banking and financial sector for number of years.

Her administrative knowledge and experience are only additional to her artistic skills, passion and qualifications, which she develops persistently for the last decade. With experience in photography on both continents North America and Europe, she has a vision and understanding about various practices of visualization.

With her qualifications and experience, Irina has been awarded with golden and silver medals, awards of the jury and/or the audience by numerous international competitions and contests. Irina’s skills, knowledge and experience are valuable not only for creative and visual expression, but for product development.

Youth Programs Expert

Ivelina Petrova-Yaneva

Ivelina Petrova is a Master in Business Administration. She graduated the  Burgas University “Prof. Asen Zlatarov” with major specialty “Management of European projects” in 2016 after obtaining a Bachelor degree from the Technical University of Varna in 2010, with major “Fleet and ports utilization”.

Since 2014, Ivelina is a part of the Black Sea Institute, a Bulgarian NGO focusing to engage more people and especially youth in environmental and entrepreneurial activities for the preservation of the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria, through series of projects. She is member of the leading team for the Annual Round Table conference “The See – a border or a gate” focusing to build awareness and constructively engage young people for restoration of the Black Sea region projects.

During 2018-2019 she has a leading role in Methodology development for the Erasmus + project „Get together – practical tools for youth engagement“. She has contrinuted with technical expertise for the creating of a Guidebook for good manufacturing practices on getting young people involved in social and entrepreneurial projects. She has been also involved in many transborder projects on European, private and Strategic Regional projects.

Ivelina is a part of the team of LEANTICK for the ETEM “Entrepreneurhsip through Efficiency Management” project, since 2020.