Hot Zone Project – Social Entrepreneurship Laboratory

With the valuable partnership of the FUNDACJA INSTYTUT EUROPEJSKI anf The Black Sea Institute Association, and with the generous support of the EU under Project #2021-2-BG01-KA210-YOU-000049806, we developed a project to assist the development of a sound civil society in the partnering countries.

The objective of this project is to establish a Laboratory for Social Entrepreneurship, fostering an environment conducive to receptivity, enhancing the capacity for entrepreneurial engagement, and creating contemporary tools for preparation and participation.

This initiative is pertinent to the contemporary development of the business landscape, where entrepreneurship plays a vital role. Our focus is on social entrepreneurship, recognizing it as a crucial component in transitioning towards socially oriented business practices and fostering inclusive development. Furthermore, we aim to address the existing deficits in the realm of social entrepreneurship, including gaps in knowledge, skills, emphasis, and mindset.

Establishing a Laboratory for Social Entrepreneurship is imperative in today’s reality. Its purpose is to offer assistance and guidance to young individuals embarking on the path of social entrepreneurship. The platform will feature a comprehensive section titled “Starting a New Business 101”, addressing common challenges specific to each country, along with concise explanations on how young entrepreneurs can navigate them or which institutions they can approach for assistance. Moreover, the platform will provide access to mentors—accomplished entrepreneurs or dedicated volunteers—who will address queries not covered in the section.

Every registered young entrepreneur will have the opportunity to seek guidance from a mentor, receiving prompt advice to tackle their challenges effectively. All resources and training materials will be housed on the platform, ensuring accessibility for every aspiring entrepreneur seeking knowledge and tools tailored to their country’s context. Additionally, the platform will periodically share inspirational videos and letters containing advice from successful entrepreneurs, serving as a source of motivation and guidance for budding entrepreneurs.

Through this initiative, our aim is to empower every young entrepreneur with a potent resource to launch their social ventures successfully, whether they need practical assistance or seek encouragement to turn their ideas into reality. Additionally, our overarching goal is to foster a positive impact on the social environment they operate within, thus contributing to the overall improvement of society.